💯 new trending reels instagram 2021reels instagram 🔥 video editing ⚡ new shake effect

Friends, today we are going to do Video Editing of New Trending Reel Sound in this post, so friends, I am going to share you step by step in this post.

So guys, for this video editing of tips, we will need Kinemaster and Song, then you will get everything below, so let’s start.

Friends, we have to first open the Kinemaster app, then you have to select a project by clicking on Create New, then remember you have to select 9:16
Now friends, we do not have to code the photo, then you can select the jecker in the media, then after selecting the photo, now friends you

Friends, after selecting the photo, now friends will need a song, then if you get it below, then you will have to select it, now friends do bat.

After selecting the photo, you have also selected your song, now friends have to add clip garpix to the frozen photo, then whatever cliff garpix you have to add, I will add the name below to the photo, then you will have to dowl to see it.

Now friends, after blowing the cliff garpix, now friends, we have to add to the photo, you have to add Karna to all the photos one by one, then friends
Friends, yes, whatever photo has been added to you, you have to add the photo from the part of the song too, which you will find below the photo, then after seeing it, add the photo, friends, now let’s talk about adding Eefct to the photo. After the


Friends, you have done all your work, adding the photo according to the beat, adding the effect to the photo, so friends, now your video is complete, now friends, we have to save it, friends, you will get an icon above for this, if you say saver you can save from

Thank you………

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