šŸ”„attitude reels hum se dur rahna trending instagram viral reels song trending instagram viral reels song

šŸ”„attitude reels hum se dur rahna trending instagram viral reels song trending instagram viral reels song


Hello friends, how Tulsi, in this post, we are talking about video editing jokes, the truth has been packed in this, which no one would have done till date, so for this, we have applied in the card for Shakti Peeth. ho ki joki very lotus ear application for this i will meet you in dictation now talks to edit him edit for us

šŸ”„attitude reels hum se dur rahna trending instagram viral reels song trending instagram viral reels son

You first have to open it, you can apply for something, which type will do us bad to open, we have to do it here per 9 to 16, which is the correct size of the serpentine 2 16 ratio range Horizontal Jogi Very lotus suit august 9 to 16 to select its bad for you model image add karna padega to model image do bad you here how to set per model joshi 2 girls and 1 boy is fine
You have to choose a model 108 videos, you have to choose 108 videos per speed in which you set your photos, for that picture 492 16 will have to be selected in that there is no need for the second sen photo style timeline, its bad to add you to some models bad 2 Export of video bullet mind by minute its bad which i have to select project project marcus

The bad of selecting the tourist model me, now they have to add the song, if you get the feeling of the song, then the bad meaning of adding the song here is that you have to add the beat to the most model, which is just because the model image, how MB’s photo to the most add kar lena to first girls firs you boy is bad which our short video we have to add

Now how bad to select murli mesco beat, when we use the true address in the photo, I also know the moon juson plate craft, then for that the first one to give the first Joe Cal model named Vishwas per click, bad you will get the phone Wow click on the animation, you will get it by going to the graphic, in this you will have to use the graphics of 30 which we have to use, so far the first model, the second model, now the 200 second model in the image of the girls you click on in the primary, Jakar Roshan Wala We have to use the graphics which we have to add the third option in that whichever we add the graphic card to the model image of our girls, click on the graphic picture that has been done.

Now friends will have to impress us in the model image boy model, when did you go for this, by clicking on the plus per click, the name of the transition effect et will not be the first one in that one number, you are the second one in that Raghav you are the second one. The transition effect has to be added, now everything is second model image
The worst of us to add the best transition effect, the one who will be a little bit ahead of the son, the model will have to set you perfect, in the short video in which you go to 1


medium, you should decorate the background in the wave. Whether it’s bad to do black goku black, win the whole thing till the short video, it’s all done in one of the innovations in the powerloom, whatever color you want to choose the third option, it will be amazing. This kind of video editing company you must have been one in the society

Friend ISI clear video editing is complete, hope you don’t care about anything, if you have any doubts, I must comment on the latest posts like this, bye bye to tabs with human body clinic


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