Ashif Tech – Alight Motion New Video Editing 2

How are you guys, in which post today I will tell you how you can make this type of new status video with the help of alight motion app, if you also want to make this type of video, then keep reading this post till the last.

And if someone’s birthday is about to come in your family, then you can make a special birthday video for him, so today we will tell you about the same because nowadays this type of video is very trending.

What Is Alight Motion?

We will make this video with alight motion app, so first of all you will know what is video editor, with the help of which you can make a lot of unesco, you can edit videos in many different ways alight motion app is the best app then you can download this app Definitely use it.

You can download alight motion app from play store, for this you have to go to play store and hit search alight motion you will get alight motion app message, you can download if you want to use all its features then its membership You have to take

How To Make Birthday Status?

1. To make a video, you have to open the alight motion app, then you have to import a bitmark project whose link you will find below like now click on the link or alight motion app will direct you to me by going there you will download Click on All.

2. Now as soon as you click on download, your project will be downloaded, then you have to go inside and you have to edit all the text there, you have to put the font in it, you will also find the link of the font below, you can check it. After that, after importing the font there, the font has to be applied in all the text.

3. Then you will see a blue color image next, you have to select some image, click on the color and feel wise, then you have to click on the text and go to your folder and add your photo in the same way. Four photos will appear, you have to put your photo in all four photos.

4. Now as soon as you have done this, then you have to add the photo, to add the photo, you have to click on the plus icon, then click on the media, after clicking on the media, select the folder from your phone, whatever Your photo is in the folder and you have to click on the photo you want to add.

5. Then you have to type on that photo and click on 3dot and click on fill composition area, like we will do so, you add and adjust all the photos in the same way.

6. Then you have to copy the effect of 1st by going to the project with shake effect and going to the porject with bitmark and paste that effect in the first four photos, then you have to go to the porject with shake effect And copy the effect of the second number, then you have to come in the opposite of the beat mark and paste it to the friend in the photo of the fifth number.

7. Then you have to copy the last effect by going to the project with shake effect and after coming to the project with beat mark, you have to paste all the photos of the last and paste that effect in the photo, now as you will do so much of your video. It will be ready after you add all the text images in it.

Shake Effect Link

Then you have to click on the share icon and support your video, then friends, hope you have liked this post and you have gone through editing, then friends see you in the next post till then bye take care.

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