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Hello friends, how are you guys, in today’s post, we will talk about alight motion app, what is alight motion, how to use it, how to make a video from it, so today I am going to give complete information about it.

As you must be aware that how much video editing is trending nowadays, everyone wants to edit their videos whether it is on YouTube or Instagram Reel, everyone who makes videos wants to edit their videos.

So friends, in view of this, we have come up with this post in which we will tell you how you can use alight motion, how to edit video with the help of alight motion, if you also want to know then this post Keep reading carefully till the last.

What Is Alight Motion?

So friends, let us tell you that alight motion is a video editing app, with the help of which you can edit your youtube video or instagram reels video, friends, let us tell you that alight motion is such an app, with the help of which you can make a lot of difference. Key editing can be done which you cannot do with any other app.

How To Use Alight Motion App?

To edit video from this app, first you have to download this app, after downloading OK from play store, you have to open this app, after opening you do not get many options here you do not get plus button Click on it and create your project by selecting your size.

Then you get a lot of options, you first click on the police icon, then you have to click on media, add whatever photo or video you want to edit from here.

Now as you do so much, then you get many options sim here, such as you can increase the speed of your video or you can apply effect to your photo or video, then if you want to apply effect to your photo or video. If yes, then for that you have to click on one side icon at the bottom, then there you have to search which effect you want to apply and then you have to set it.

Here you can calculate the end transition in your photo or video, you can adjust it according to you, but you get many such options as if you want to add audio, then you will click on the audio tomorrow and there You can add your audio by selecting your folder.

If you want to blend any file, then for that you have to select that file, then you have to click on the icon with blending and obesity, then you will find many options there which are not found in any other app. You can blend with any type.

If you want to make a project of your video photo and want to share it to someone else, then for that you have to create the project first, then you have to click on the share icon above, then you will get the project’s on that account. You have to share the money by clicking, after that you will get the link, then send this link to whom you want to send.

How To Save Video In Alight Motion?

If you want to save video from alight motion app, for that you have to edit the video first then you have to click on each step from above and there you will get many quality then you have to select your quality with export icon By clicking on it your video will be saved.

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Friends, just for today, I hope that you have liked this post and if you have come to know about this app, then thank you all in the post.

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