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Hello friends, how are you all, in today’s post, we will tell you how you can make your video with the help of Alight Motion App, as friends, you must know how much video editing is trending nowadays.

What Is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion app is the best video editor app for those who want to edit videos from their phone, let us tell you that such features have been given in Alight Motion, with the help of which you can make very professional videos that too on your phone. With the help of this, if you want to download Light Motion, then you can download from Direct’s play store.

First of all, let us know a little bit about status, what is status and where is it used, if you use facebook or instagram or whatsapp, then you must have seen the option of story in it and whatever video we put in it. That is what we call status, we make a status video to put it on.

But nowadays the status video has become so trending that now people have started putting the status video on every place along with the story like uploading it on youtube reels on instagram and making their status video viral, and Let us tell you that by creating such status, you can also upload it on any social media and make your video viral.

How To Make Video In Alight Motion?

First of all you have to open the Elite Motion app and import the Bitmark file we provided.

Now as you import the bitmarked file, then you have to write the lyrics there according to you, whatever song you want to make status from.

Then you have to add your custom font to it, after adding the font, you have to put that font in all the lyrics.

Now you have to add your photo from whichever photo you want to make status, to add a photo, you have to click on the plus icon and add the photo from your folder.

So whatever bitmark is there, you have to add your photo in the middle of all.

Now as soon as you have added the photo, then you have to go to the shake effect given by us.

To paste the effect, you have to go to the effect by going to the lyrics and click on the three dots and do the paste effect.

Then you have to go to the project with shake effect and copy the effect of a number from there, then you have to come to the bitmarked poset and paste that effect in whatever number is written under the image.

Again you have to go to the project with shake effect and copy the shake effect of number two from there.

Then you have to come to the bitmarked project and paste it in all the photos, under the photo of which the number 2 is written.

Now again you have to copy the effect of number three by coming to the project with shake effect with the same type and paste it in all the photos by coming in the project with bitmarked, under which three numbers are written.

Then you have to click on the share icon and save your video, to save the video, you will see the share icon above, you have to take it there and save your video, friends, let us tell you that you are here You can also save pay videos and projects and GIFs.

So friends, today we have learned that what type of editing can be done with Elite Motion and together we also know what are the features of Elite Motion, friends, hope you liked this post, then friends see you again. For then bye take care of yourself with the post.

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