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Friends, in today’s post, we will talk about how you can become a millionaire with cryptocurrency and also know how and in how many days you can become a millionaire with cryptocurrency.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

You can become millionaire by investing cryptocurrency me long time but the most important thing here is that the money you are investing is doing coin for coin.

Because if you invest money in any of your wrong coins, it can never make you a millionaire friend, we will tell you about some coins in which you can invest.

Friends, let us tell you that you cannot become a millionaire by investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, all these coins.

Now people will now say that you cannot become a coin, then the answer is you can, but if you invest a lot in it then because bitcoin ethereum all this cannot give you much return.

So friends, as you know, the price of bitcoin is now around 37 lakhs, if it divides its high then it can go to 60-70 lakhs but here your money should be double. But you could not become a millionaire, invest money.

Same if you invest money in meme coin then there is more chance that you will give more return.

 Now we tell you about some coins in which you can invest-

  •   1. Shiba Inu
  •   Market rank is 15
  •   Matsat cap is 119 crores
  •   2.Dogecoin
  •   market rank 12
  •   Market Cap 151 Crore
  •   3. Paid Cardano
  •   market rank 7
  •   Market Cap 313 Crore
  •   4 XRP
  •   market rank 6
  •   Market Cap 322 Crore
  •   5 polygon Matic
  •   market rank 16
  •   market cap 99 thousand crores

Friends, you have to invest money in all coins, but remember you have to invest only as much as you can save the loss.

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So friends, now we talk that you can become a millionaire in days, friends, you should aim for 3-4 years here and keep sipping for so many days, it may take more days than that.

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