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Hello friends, how are you guys today we will tell you About UPI What is UPI and how to transfer money through UPI.

Today, from whom you are going to get all the information in the post, so that is why you keep reading this post carefully till the last.

What Is Upi?

Friends, let us tell you In today’s digital world, money transfer has become absolutely ag like you can transfer money in 1 minute by taking someone’s phone number It didn’t happen before This happened a few years later.

UPI ID is you can use this UPI ID in any app like Paytm UPI Google Pay UPI BHIM UPI Phone Pay UPI Each app has a UPI ID Our money is transferred through the same UPI ID.

What is going on the most right now is Google Pay UPI, let us tell you Google Pay UPI, now everyone is using it in very pain trending and you can also use it.

UPI comes on the second number, it is also running very much on the phone, so you can also use this UPI on the phone just like Google Pay UPI.

After that there is Paytm which is the best and most secure app, you can use it to transfer money or to recharge mobile.

So friends, all I hope for today is that you liked this post and if you liked this post, do give us your opinion in the comment section below.

How To Make UPI?

Now let us tell you, How to open UPI account? To open a UPI account, first you must have a bank account and number linked to that bank account and you must have a debit card.

Then you have to download any app on Google or in the video After that you have to sign it You have to sign in with the same number which is linked in your bank account Then OTP will be sent to that number Then you have to fill up that otp I want to create my account.

Then you have to go to Google or inside any app. There you will get an option. For add bank, you have to click on the option of add bank and go there and give the details of your bank account and add it.

Now that you have done so much, then what should you do? You have to click on SIM Yellow Add Create UPI and there you will first be asked for your debit card number to create UPI.

Then you have to enter the Debit card number and Debit card PIN number there When you will be asked to generate UPI PIN, then you have to simply generate your UPI PIN number and as you will do so much Your UPI ID will be generated Now you are ready to send money to anyone.

Is UPI Secure?

Now let’s talk about whether UPI is secure, you can use it. To transfer money to anyone or not, friends, there is no problem. You can use this app without any worries. You won’t have any problem.



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Friends UPI was launched in 2016. Since then it has become so popular that don’t even ask about it now because UPI everyone should wish UPI. You will see UPI wherever you go.

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