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Friends, today in this post I am going to give you New Shake Effect attitude video editing, so friends, we will do you step by step, then you have to look good at this post.

Friends, we will need Alight Motion for this New Shake Effect Attitude Video Editing, then you have to use it and you will also need Beat Mark and Shake Effect and PNG background video, so now you will get step by step

1 Step
Friends, first of all you have to do Alight on your own, then friends, you will not have to do Beat, now friends, we have to add Video and Photo according to Beat, now friends, after adding the photo, now we

Beat Mark

2 Step
Now we have to add Effect to the photo, then you will get the upup below, then you will have to add an effect to the add photo, then friends, now we have to add the 2nd effect to all the photos, now friends again

Shake Effect

3 Step
Now friends, after editing the effect in the photo, you have to add a Png, if it is a black Png, then you will have to aid it towards the bottom, then friends, if you get a Png grandfather on one side, then you will also have to add it below.
Then friends, you have to add the 3rd effect in the grandfather’s pang.

All Material

So friends, in this way our video editing will go to Complite, then you have to save the video by clicking on Save.

Thank You………

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