Game se paise kaise kamaye in India

Game se paise kaise kamaye in IndiaIn today’s time, every person wants to earn more and more money because the
respect and power of a person in the society is only when he has money. Ways to
earn money are not only doing a job and doing business, but there are many
other ways in which you can earn a lot of money by giving only a little time. Some
of these methods are also such in which you have to work very less and you can
earn money from them only through your smartphone. One such way is to earn

money by playing games, that too in a legal way! If you are also thinking that how
to earn money by playing games or Game Se Paise Kaise Kamaye then this article
of ours today is for you only.
Earning money by playing games is not as easy as you might be thinking but it is
not a difficult task either, that is, if you are ready to work a little hard, then you
can easily earn money with the help of your smartphone. . To earn money by
playing games, you just have to 8etore but the sad thing is that most of them are
fake but there are some applications which are not completely trusted and todayGame se paise kaise kamaye in India

we are going to tell you about 5 such applications. Let’s talk about them!

1. How to earn money by playing games on MPL

The full name of MPL is Mobile Premium League! Just like there are IPL, there are
also Mobile Premium Leagues. You all know about Dream 11. So are MPLs. MPL is
currently one of the biggest money making apps in India. In MPL, you not only get
a chance to earn money during Cricket Matches or Football Matches like Dream11
and also there are many other mobile games in it through which you can earn
First of all, let’s know a little about MPL. MPL is currently one of the biggest
money making apps in India, which is used by millions of people, not thousands.

Being a betting application, you will not find MPL’s application on Play Store or
App Store but you can download it by visiting the official website of MPL or you
can download it from any third party app. Mobile Premium League is also
sponsored by many celebrities like Tamannaah etc. With this you can know about
the level of this app.
To earn money from MPL, first of all you have to go to MPL’s website and
download its application. After downloading the application, you will have to

create an account after opening it. To create an account, you have to provide
some general information, your mobile number and your PayTm number so that
you can receive the payment. In MPL, you can make your team during any
football match or cricket match and play games and earn money from it.

2. Earn Money Playing WinZo Gold Game
If you are interested in earning money by playing then this application can prove
to be very beneficial for you. In this application, you get not one but many games,
which you can earn money by playing and making good scores. WinZo is a
company that rewards skilled glamor and for this they have made 2 applications.

Beat Mark Download

You will find one of these applications on the Play Store, while to download the
premium application WinZo Gold, you have to go to its official website. Through
this application you can also do Live Gaming with other players. Through WinZo
you can also earn money by referring. You can transfer the money earned from
WinZo to Paytm UPI or bank transfer.

3. Earn Money Playing Dream11 Games
There is no dearth of cricket lovers in India and as many people in India have as
much knowledge about cricket as will hardly be about any other game. Dream11
is mainly based on cricket in India. Whenever a match like IPL etc. goes on, then
the craze of Dream11 increases a lot. Many big players also do advertisement and
support of Dream11 so that you can get an idea of its level. In Dream11, you have
to make a team according to your prediction and when that team plays really well

then you benefit from it. There is a ranking system in this. That is, the more
accurate your prediction, you will get such a good ranking and you get money
according to the ranking in Dream11. Due to this some people have earned and
are earning lakhs and even crores.

4. How To Make Money With Playerzone Games
At present, there is a lot of craze for online gaming in India and Player’s Unknown
Battle Ground ie PUBG is at the forefront of this field. There will be many of you
who like to play this game but playing it will be nothing but a waste of hours. But
if you want, you can also convert this hobby into your profit. Yes, if you want, you
can earn thousands of rupees daily playing PUBG.

⚡ Shake Effect Download

5. How To Earn Money With PayTm First Game
Yes, this company has been started by PayTm. PayTm is a well-known and a
reliable company of the country who can never cheat us and in such a situation, if
this company starts any service, then it is sure that it will also have a strong
business plan behind it. Taking a great business plan, Paytm has launched PayTm
First Games and you can download its application from Play Store. In this
application you will find many such games which you can earn money by playing
and making good scores. You can transfer the money received from this to Bank

PNG Download

or PayTm. In this you will find many different games and every game is very
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