how google make money

Google makes money through advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords that they want their ads to appear on when people search for those terms. When someone clicks on an ad, Google charges the advertiser a certain amount of money.

Google also makes money from its Android operating system and from its Chrome web browser. When people use these products, Google can show them ads and collect data about their usage. This data is valuable to advertisers who want to target ads to specific groups of people.

Google also offers a number of other products and services that generate revenue. These include its cloud storage service, Google Drive, and its productivity suite, Google Docs.

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Google makes money from data in a variety of ways. One way is by collecting and selling user data. This data is then used to target ads to users, which generates revenue for Google.

Google also uses data to improve its own products and services, which in turn makes the company more valuable and allows it to charge more for advertising. Finally, Google licenses its data to other companies, which also generates revenue.

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