How to check how much sim is in your name?

How to check how much sim is in your name?

Department of Telecommunications i.e. Department of Telecommunications has launched a portal where you can check how many numbers are running in your name. This is a very important thing because you should know how many numbers are running in your name.

If any number is such that you did not take it, but is running in your name, then you can also report it from this portal. In this I am going to tell you how you will check how many numbers are running in your name, so let’s start.

How to check how much sim is in your name?
How many numbers are running in your name? You’ll need to visit Tap-Cop Poetry to check this.

Step1:- In this you will enter a mobile number. You have to enter any of your mobile number which is in your name.

Step2: – After this click on request otp. An otp will be sent to your mobile number, you have to put the otp there and click on validate.

Step3:- All the numbers will come in front of you which are running in your name. In this way you will get the list. If all these numbers are yours then you don’t need to take any action.

Step4:- But if any of this number is such which is not yours or you used to use earlier. Now if you do not use that number, then you can report it from here. You will select the number to report.

Step5:- In this you will choose what kind of report you have to report like if it is not your number then you will choose the first option. this is not my number but if this number is yours and you do not use it now then you will choose not required.

Step6:- After this you will enter your name here. What is the name of this sim. In some states, as you select the number and here the name comes automatically. After that you have to click on report.

Step7:- Then your report will be submitted, then a refresh number will be generated above, you have to copy it.

Step8:- After this, if you ever want to check, you will log in by entering your phone number and otp, after that there you will click on the report and you have to enter your same number, you will copy it and then you have to click on the track. All a status will come in which you will know whether your number is closed or not.

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