Ashif Tech – How To Earn Money From Youtube?

Hello friends, how are you guys, as you must know that nowadays everyone wants to earn money sitting at home but he does not know the way how to earn money sitting at home.

In today’s video, we will tell you that how you can earn money sitting at home, let us tell you there are many ways to earn money sitting at home, but we will tell you that you can earn good money by working on YouTube at home. Sit down

How To Earn Money From Youtube?

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube as if you can earn money, so let’s know about this in today’s post.

1. You can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube, for that you have to create a new YouTube channel, you have to message a store well, then you have to upload videos on it.

Will upload the video to your YouTube channel will start coming to your channel as soon as 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of stay time is completed on your channel then you will get the option to enable monetization.

Now you have to create a new adsense account and link your youtube channel with adsense account like you will gender it then your channel will go under review then you will get a mail in which you will be told that your channel join partner program are done.

After that you will enable Google Ads on your videos on all your videos, then ads will come on your videos from Google whose revenue you sent to your Adsense account.

You have to verify your Adsense account, for that you will have to verify there by giving any of your government ID, after that a pick will be sent to your address from Google Adsense which you have to verify there.

You will do as much as you do, then you have to add your bank account in your Google Adsense, you will add a bank account from you, then as soon as your action will complete the hundred dollars, then on the 21st of the same Mohan your money It will be transferred to your bank, after that it will take 5 to 6 days for your money to arrive and your money will reach your bank account.

2. And this is the second way, sponsorship like you will upload a video on YouTube and your video will start getting a lot of views, then many brands will be associated with you, which you can earn money by promoting the product.

The brand company will mail you, you have to review that app, on your YouTube channel, how will they do it well for you.

3. And this is the third way, that is plate marketing, now with the help of YouTube, you can operate marketing, by reviewing any product, now you can share its link in the description, affiliate link, if anyone buys that item. So you will get commission for it, even by doing this you can earn a lot of money.

Do you have to create an affiliate account of and share the link with it, only then you can earn money by going to the applet link of the product.

4. And the fourth was is that by selling your own product, if you want, with the help of Jeetu, you can start your own business and send your product, you will also be able to earn a good amount of money.

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This is the only hope in today’s post for today that you must have understood how you can earn a lot of money sitting at home with the help of YouTube.

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