janmashtami video editing alight motion

Hello friends how are you today in this post I am going to give you janmashtami video editing on alight motion which is going to be very lotus so let’s start

Friends, for doing video editing of janmashtami video editing alight motion like this, we will need some material, so that is Alight Motion, Capcut app and Beat Mark Project, Shake Effect, etc. So you will get all these step by step then use it. no hig

Now we will need friends Beat Mark, then you will find it below, you will give it. By doing this Alight Motion has to be opened, now we have to add the photo according to the beat, which will have to add Happy janmasntami png on the 1st beat, all others will have to add the photo

Friends, after adding a photo to the beat mark, now friends, we will need Shake Effect, then you will get it below, then you have to do it, you have 4 shake effect in it, then you have to paste it in step by step photo, friends, by doing this our If the effect will be added to the photo, now friends, we have to sec this video.4 DOWNLOAD

Now friends, after saving your video after reducing all your Alight motion, now we have to open the Capcut App, you will find it below.
Now we friends have to select that video in capcut then we have to add ek effH DOWNLOADect which you will get in mood vale then if you want to get that 3 short photo screen then you have to use it twice which in short photo… ….


After this friends video will get complicated then you have to save it.
Thank You ……

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