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Hii guise how today we are going to make video of new reels viral sound so you will need alight Motion app for this and beat Mark ,

Shake Effect will be required and friends, we will also need Mp3 Song, then you will get everything below, then you will have to redo this post step by step.

Friends, first of all we have to impress the Beat Mark, now friends, we have to add the song, now friends, we have to add the photo according to the new Beat Mark.

You have to do it, now friends, we have to add you or you have to add other photos in the already added photos, then for this

We have to cliff it, then friends, we will get an edit group, then you have to click on it, then you have to click on Color Fil, after this you have to add the photo, now friends will have to add this photo

Now friends, we will get another project, then you have to input like this, you will have two photos in it, there will be Shake Effect in it, then you will first have 1 photo.

You have to click on it, then friends, you have to copy the effect of this, then you have to come to the Beat Mark, now friends have to paste it in Short Photo or Beat Wali

Now friends, we have to go to the project in Shake Effect again, now we have to click in the 2nd photo, now friends, we have to copy that effect too, now friends, we have to come to the Beat Mark Project, then friends, we have to pacer in whatever long photo have to do

Friends, we made this paste, we made new reels viral sound video, I told you in a very simple way that how you have to do video editing, hope you must have understood

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