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Friends, let us tell you that the snapseed app is a photo editing app with which you can edit a professional photo.

If you want to know how to edit photos from Snapseed app, then keep reading this post carefully till the last.

So friends, first of all let us tell you that you will get snapseed app on play store which you can use because this app is absolutely free.

Snapseed Photo Editing

So let’s now learn how to edit photo from snapseed app.

Step 1- First of all you have to go to play store and search on snapseed there you will get the app, you have to download this app.

Step 2- Then you have to open the sanpseed app and first of all add one of your photos by clicking on the plus icon.

Step3- Now next you will get many options which you can edit your photo, first of all we will use tune image feature.

In this you will get many options like brithness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlight, shadows, warmth, you can adjust all these.

Step3- Now you have to go to the second option which is to go to the details, you have to go to it and adjust it well.

Step 4- Then you have to go to the curve tool, now with this tool you can adjust your color, here you get the curve, which you can adjust your color by moving up and down.

Step5- Then further you get the option of a brush, with the help of which you can increase your brithness by brushing any place.

Step6-Then you get an option selective then you have to go to the selective option and select whatever text you want to brighten, in that there you have to reduce the brithness.

Step7- Then here you get a cool tool which is portait, by using this tool you can smooth your photo, and spotlight in your photo.

Step8- Then you get a tool by blur by which you can blur any part of your photo.

Step 9- Then here you get a funny tool head face With this tool you can make your face smiley or you can also make weep.

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Step 10- Here you get an option double exposure, let us tell you that with this tool you can add any other background to your photo, like if you want to change the background of your photo, then you can add that background by adding it. You can remove the background of the photo

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