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Friends, in today’s post I have told you what is whatsapp status, friends, you must know how trending whatsapp status is, everyone wants to make their own whatsapp status.

In view of this, today we have brought for you a very good whatsapp status video which you can download very easily.

What Is WhatsApp Status?

Friends, let us tell you that you must be running the whatsapp app, the story you put in the whatsapp app is called whatsapp status, people use whatsapp status to tell your feeling, some people also use it to convey their message.

How To Make WhatsApp Status?

Friends, let us tell you that you can use any app to make whatsapp status like kinemaster, alight motion, with all these apps you can create whatsapp status.

And there are some apps also in which you can get your whatsapp status ready by just giving your photo, you just have to give your photo, that app gives you status by making it, this app is rizzel beat ly it is all app.

How To Download WhatsApp Status

To download whatsapp status, you can use any app which you will get on play store, with this you can download different types of whatsapp status,

If you want to download my wala whatsapp status then you will simply get the link below by clicking on which you can download whatsapp status in full hd.

Now friends you can download many status from here if you want to learn how to make whatsapp status then you will get tutorial on our channel, our channel name is ashif tech you can visit our youtube channel.

So friends, this was something about whatsapp status, whatsapp status is done, how is whatsapp status made and how you can download whatsapp status, you got all the information.

Status Link


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