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Finally Tata has launched its UPI plus all in one shopping application.

You can work with this application, One, you can do UPI transactions and shop from one place, All the shopping play songs of Tata to Jyoti that Tata clicks of Big Boss.

you will find them all in one place and the good thing is that there are many offers on shopping, In this video I am going to show you the complete process of using Tata New Application so let’s start.

About Tata Upi

You have to install Tata New Application from Play Store, On opening this kind of user interface will be seen, In this you will click on the playlist, In this, you have to enter a mobile number and click on Get OTP, An OTP will be sent to your number which it will automatically detect.

In this you will enter your first name last name After this, in Let’s Go, you will get to see this kind of user interface One, you can transfer money anywhere and secondly you can shop in it, then first we will chat, for which we will click on Tata

To start the service, click on Register Now. Which SIM you have taken in your bank account, you will do that here Click on its bus stand An SMS will be sent to your number.

All the bank accounts linked with your number for verification will appear in front of you, in whichever you want to use UPS service, you will click on it.

Then Next UPS Service Deleted while you can see UPI ID is created like I have UK ID on the phone At the rate YPL is similar to UPID in it.

ICICI below all that you can make payment by scanning barcode and you can also transfer money through UPI ID and bank account.

To check the balance, you will click on Check Balance Enter your UPI PIN Balance will come. On the home page also you will find UP options like you can see here and below you will go to shopping options You can ignore it here brother Like if you want to do grocery shopping,

then you will click on grocery and from here you can buy grocery itemsYou will get huge discount on every single item.

Similarly, you can bike a beauty parlor free product on an electronic mobile, as if you want to do a mobile bike, then you will click on the mobile In this you will get the best price list. See you huge discount on every single mobile. You can also shop for brother Katie and boyfriend here.

With this you can book hotel rooms and also book flight ticketsIf you call the office below, you will get many more products and you will get to see very good discounts on all.

If you click on the office to see the offer, then here you can see the offers for the bike rally For example, if you want to see the offer on electronic, then click on the chronic, then you will get to see a lot of offers in it.

You can shop from here With this, all the shopping you do, you get new tomorrows on green shopping, which are very old You can see any by clicking on New Thing here In this, if you click on the 3rd line above.

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it will not appear in front of youFrom here you can view your profileYour address, you can view your orders as well as view your tractors

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