What is Cryptocurrency? How to earn money from Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency? How to earn money from Cryptocurrency?


Hello friends, how are you all in today’s post, we will tell you about cryptocurrency, as you must be aware that in today’s digital world, everyone wants to become rich sitting at home, but he has no way to earn money. Can you


In today’s post, we will tell you what is cryptocurrency, how to become rich from cryptocurrency, if you also want to know about cryptocurrency then keep reading this post till the last.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is managed by a decentralized system, in which every transaction is verified by a digital signature, and its record is kept with the help of cryptography.
Cryptocurrency was started on January 3, 2009, it is the world’s first completely open payment system, there are more than 10 million bitcoins around the world, that’s why the price of bitcoin is so high.

How to earn money from Cryptocurrency?

Now we talk about how to become rich from cryptocurrency, see friends, the only way to become rich from crypto is that you have to enter crypto at the right time and exit at the right time.

But how will we know that at what time should be entry in cryptocurrency and at what time it should be out, friends, let us tell you that there are two trends up trend and down trend now you have to catch it and understand it.
So as you know that the price of crypto increases in the up trend and the price of crypto decreases in the down trend, so friends, all you have to do is take a time, last one week, last one month or last one year, there you have this. To see how much the price of crypto has gone high and how much has come down.

Now as soon as you know that much, then you have to start trading, now you have to buy coin when the price of crypto is down and sell it where the price of pay coin is high, you have to sell at the same price as money from it. High was made.

Now see friends, there are two ways to earn money from crypto currency, first is trade and second is long time investment. Now we know trade and long time investment, what are these two and what is the difference between these two.

What Is Trading?

First of all we talk about trading, so friends, if you buy any crypto for less money and sell it for more money in a day or in a week or in a month then it is called trading.

What Is Long Time Investment?

On the other hand, if we talk about long time investment, then where we buy any crypto and keep it for the next 6 months or a year or five years and then go and sell it, then it is called long time investment.

Friends, if you stay here for a long time, then you can get good returns, you can get returns up to 100X and even more it is crypto currency, anything can happen here whatever you are investing. Invest as much money as drowning does not make any difference to your life.

1. Bitcoin
Bitcoin friends, let us tell you that the cryptocurrency coin which is at number 1 is that bitcoin is the largest crypto coin so far, whose market rank is 1, and the market cap of bitcoin is 55 lakh crores.

2. Ethereum
Ethereum and the second number which is the cryptocurrency coin Ethereum This coin is the largest coin on the number two cryptocurrency, the market cap of Ethereum is 25 lakh crores.

Tether The coin which is on the third number, its name is Tether, this coin is the number one coming in the market, its market rank is 3, and if we talk about its market cap, its market cap is 6 lakh crores.


4. Binance
Binance Coin The fourth number coin is Binance Coin, its market rank is 4, if we talk about its market cap, then its market cap is 4 lakh crores.

XRP The coin which is at number five is XRP rippel xrp’s market rank is 5, and if we talk about its market cap then it is 2 lakh crores.

6. Polcadot
Polcadot If we talk about the number six coin, then the coin that comes on the sixth number is polcadot this coin is the number coin of cryptocurrency, its market rank is 11 and the market cap is 77 thousand crores

7. Cardano
Cardano (ADA) Friends Cardano is a very large crypto currency coin, its market rank is 7 and its market cap is 2 lakh crores.

8. Solana
Solana (SOL) This is the eighth number crypto coin friends Solana’s market rank is 8 and its market cap is 2 lakh crores.

9. Chainlink
Chainlink Friends, the coin which is on the 9th number of our list is chainlink, this someone’s market rank is 25 and its market cap is 25 thousand crore.

10. Litecoin
Litecoin (LTC) The tenth number coin of this list is Litecoin, its market rank is 10 and its market cap is 53 thousand crores.

So friends, before investing money, you should do a little research about this coin, only then invest money, then friends, hope you liked this post, then see you with some new best post till then by attention Keep.

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