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Hello friends, how are you guys, in today’s post we will tell you what is insurance and what are the types of it, how does insurance work, should insurance be insured or not, in which post we will tell you today.

What is incurance?

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow so we try to cover the possible future loss through insurance policy.

Insurance means protection against risk, if an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company will compensate the financial loss to that person.

Similarly, if the insurance company has insured a car, house or smartphone, then in case of breakage, loss or damage of those things, the insurance company will compensate its owner according to the pre-determined.

Insurance is actually a contract between the insurance company and the insured. Like in this project, the insurance company takes a fixed sum of money from the insured and is ready to compensate the insured or the company in case of any loss as per the terms of the policy. Is.

What are the types of insurance?

Generally speaking, there are two types of insurance, first life insurance, second general insurance, so let us know what these two mean about these two.

Life Insurance Life insurance means that on the death of the person buying the insurance policy, compensation is received from his insurance company if the head of the family and in him dies.

So it becomes difficult to run the expenses of the house, due to which it is necessary to take a life insurance policy to protect the wife, children, parents, etc. from the financial crisis of the head of the family. It is very important to do this.

General Insurance General insurance includes vehicle house animal crop health insurance etc. The meaning of general insurance is that if your vehicle house animal crop health insures the graph of anything, then later if there is any problem in that thing, then its If you are given by the Barwai insurance company, then this is the meaning of general insurance.

So you must know that no one knows what will happen tomorrow, so you must have insurance to go for health insurance and keep health insurance, it is very important for all of you.

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