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How are friends, you also have to do new viral reel video editing, so in this post I will talk to you about how you have to do video editing, so today’s video editing song is going viral on reel, then you too if you reel on this song. If you do video editing, then your reel will also be viral, so let’s start

So for this video editing we will need alight motion, then you will find it on our telegraph and if you need Shake Effect and Beat Mark then you will get it below

Alight Motion

1 Step

Friends, first of all you have to use alight motion app, then we need beat mark then you will find it below then you have to open it
Then you have to add the photo according to the beat, then you have to add the photo according to all the beat.


Step 2

Now friends, after adding the photo according to the beat, now friends, we have to add Shake Effect to the photo, then friends, now if we get the present of shake effect, then we have to open it, now friends add Shake Effect according to the photo Now friends have to do it


after adding Shake Effect to the photo.
Now friends, after adding the shake effect, now friends, after editing the video, now friends will have to save it.
thank you………

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